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First Ever Movie Trailer Review DVD edition

19 Jan

1.Contagion Gwyneth Paltrow Dies. No chance of hearing her stupid British accent throughout this film. What’s that you say? L, she’s not even British! Well, exactly. But you know who is? Kate Winslet, and I didn’t see her talking all weird, because she loves America. See this movie.  I give it five thumbs up.

2.Fifty/Fifty This movie is suppose to be a true story about how Joseph Gordon Levitt can’t score with chicks unless he tricks them into thinking he has Cancer.  Although it looks hilarious, I just don’t buy it.  Have these sluts never seen Inception?  Hmmmm.  I’m going to give this two poopie faces and maybe one ehhh.

3. The Tree of Life In this Benjamin Buttons documentary we see Benny in his infancy.  How his death creates an alternate universe and how he is reincarnated as new Button’s baby, Sean Penn.  I don’t know about you but this movie looks really interesting and not at all difficult to follow.  Looks like this is going to be one for the kiddos.  I give this a dolphin, a chinese star, a volcano and an aubergine.  Why?  Well, if we just saw the same preview, no explanation is needed.