He’s no Bruno Mars but I’ll take it

4 Jun

Every once in a while I can hear B singing a tune. These are some I’ve been able to put in my notes before he sees me or before I forget. The first two are cheese. The last is my favorite. Whenever I get miffed and forget myself, wishing he were some figment of some other girl’s imagination I think of these and remember that I ain’t got it so bad. Enjoy

“I’ve got, the best wife in the worllllllllld
She looks real neat
She smiles real sweet

My wife’s, the best wife in the worllllllld
She smells real pretty
She never looks dirty


“I love my wife
She is the best
She gives me kisses
I love her chest…

*My personal favorite to the tune of a George Michael song as he was getting dressed

“Cause I’ve gotta have socks, socks, socks, I’ve gotta have socks.
Baby, I’m putting on my socks today to go outside to go and play because the sky is blue….”

*****In the kitchen to a certain Beyonce song

“If you like it then you’d better put some cheese on it…”

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