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B says the darndest things

12 Feb

Waking him up for his favorite BBQ waiting in line for over an hour and buying us beers:

“You could have a worst wife.”

” I could”  he says.  Then thinking a moment, “I did.”


While watching, The Lying Game.

Me: “Sometimes I wish I had smaller titties so I could wear clothes like that.”

B very softly, shaking his head: “Shhhhhhhhhhhh.”


No longer a house wife my regular chores are getting pushed aside.  I noticed a shirt not going through the proper circulation.  Like-never.:

Me: “Did you dig that shirt out of the hamper?”

B: “No.  It was on the back of the [bathroom]door.”

Me: “Well, you have a whole closet full of cleaner ones is all I’m saying.”

B: “Yeah, but are they as awesome as this one?  NO!”


On getting married:

Me: “I was so scared you weren’t going to show up.”

B: “We rode together.”



Watching James Bond.  Someone says orphans make the best spies

Me: “See honey, you could’ve been a spy.”

B: “Who says I’m not?”



I Love Hearts

5 Feb


Garland Hearts in Amsterdam


Heart in a Window in Bordeaux


Sand Heart in San Diego


Heart in my Beer, Austin


Heart in the sky, San Diego


Heart on a Dumpster, Austin


Pate Heart, Toulouse

Pate Heart, Toulouse