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12 Dec

“It’s not I have fatigue but I AM fatigued. Je suis fatigue.”
I had forgotten how hard French was. I already can’t sleep. Worried about getting packed and everything done.
“Just think honey, in three days…”
“NO! Not in three days! In six!”
“Well, in three days we won’t be in our house for a while.”
Ugh, thanks, minus three days from when I was planning on panicking.

I am more than excited over this trip. It has been a while since I have gushed about my husband but he is…I actually feel guilty most days for what I have. He is absolutely dreamy. Even when he is annoying he is pretty great. Something that is fairly recent for us to talk about is how we came together. I mean, what was going on in our separate lives.
We were both falling. And I don’t believe one person can “save” another speaking so, but we definitely caught each other on our ways down. Ever see those parachuters? The real pros that meet in free fall and lock arms? That was us. Suddenly the force of the ground creeping up seemed to slow. We landed safely, still in each others arms.
“Dans les bras.” he says holding me in a solid spoon after a good session
“Oui. Je me sens tranquil dans tes bras. Je t’aime mon chéri.”
I had forgotten how much I love French.

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8 Dec

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