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Hey y’all, I made a rap song

15 Jun

Some weeks back, B got in his head that we were going to make a rap song together.  We sat in front of his magical computer waiting to be inspired.  He fiddled with some beats and I tried to come up with some words.  We didn’t get very far.  Mainly just a little drunk.  I left him to play with his music alone but driving to work the next day I  came up with this and was kinda proud of myself.  *pats self on back*  Anyway, here it is:

A love like none other

Closer than a sister and brother

We made our own ways then came back again

Full circle never knowing that we’d find each other

We were kids then

But now we’re grown up

Working supportin’ our dreams, it’s time to fill our cup

But it’s already full and over flowin

With you in my arms I know we’ll keep on growin

I know the love is there

It’s not easy though

With all the people around trying to wreck our flow

They get up in my face

They say I’m better off

On those really low days my mind, it wanders off

Then once I’m home

And I see those eyes

I recognize all that bullshit; people tellin lies

Never imagined anoyone in my life like you

Everyone from my past was there to make me blue

But I’ve got you now

And I won’t let go

The change you made in my life

Baby, you’ll never know

I know, I know.  Amazing, right?!?  I thought so too.

Bus Stop Poems

12 Jun

The following is a poem recited to me through spit and the smell of Mad Dog by a gentleman waiting at my bus stop.  I voice memo’d it and took some time this morning deciphering what I could through the noises of Congress Avenue and the annoying guy sitting on the opposite side of me.

“There are a bunch of beautiful women but you are beautiful inside and out and I’m going to express it to you…


How come your hair is dark and lovely yet soft as milk,

because each strand was laid from velvet and from silk

how come your eyes captivate and without a stare

because the magnitude of your soul draws one there

How come you smile and make joy seem so right

because the ray of your beauty pure delight

how come you draw attention when you enter a room

because the uniqueness of your presence is like parfume

how come you are so cute and very warm

because your personality is the prime root of  your charm

how come you are a girl and mother too

because a princess and a queen is inside you

how come you are a lady even more

because you are so easy to admire and adore

how come one picture can describe you all around

it is a portrait of you in a wedding gown”

He claimed he made it up just then and later asked if I would miss my bus so he could have time to jot it down for me.  In searching for a pen he pulled out of his bag several tattered and scribbled legal pads.  He was indeed a writer and I like to think he really did make up that poem for me.